Expedition Risk Management

We help you make your expeditions safer without depreciating the experience.

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Not sure where to start?

Expedition planning is already difficult enough. Coordinating flights, ground transport, pack animals, local guides, communications gear, meals, stove fuel... The list goes on.

Planning gets significantly more complicated when you need to start to analyse risks and develop practical mitigation plans.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to expedition risk management, let's have a chat to see where you're at, and pin down what you need to do next.

Are you doing it right?

Not sure whether you're following best practice for expedition risk management? Are you legally exposed?

We can review what you have in place now and provide practical advice on what may be missing.

How we can help

We are risk management specialists. Our primary role is to help our clients navigate complex and high-risk environments.

We've developed proprietary tools to enable expedition teams to assess and mitigate risk in a practical and meaningful way.

We understand the tradeoffs involved with managing risk on expeditions, and we aim to ensure that you're fully equipped to be able to make conscious decisions regarding risk mitigation and risk acceptance.